Wish You Well Crate

$130.00 $104.00

To commemorate the precious bond between good friends we commissioned this custom wooden crate that, like memories, will grow more cherished over time.  Handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest, it’s a fitting presentation for a collection of indulgent luxuries that women would love to buy for themselves but tend to just buy for others. After the gifts have been enjoyed, the crate will have a second life holding letters and photos from a life well lived.


What's Inside?

Nestled in raffia and tucked into handmade wooden crate with a hand-drawn letterpress card are:

BERGAMOT + VETIVER SELS DE BAIN:  Contained in a sleek glass apothecary jar is a blend of natural salts and essential oils that will turn a simple bath into a spa experience.  Sun-dried Mediterranean sea salts help detoxify skin and improve circulation while natural epsom salts soothe muscles and enhance sleep and mood.  Captivating essences of bergamot orange and earthy vetiver linger long after bath time ends.

ROSE HIBISCUS HYDRATING FACE MIST:  Organic coconut water infused with youth-boosting hibiscus petals and moisture-enhancing Bulgarian rose tone, hydrate and soften all skin types.  A refreshing mid-day or nighttime pick-me-up over make up or on cleansed skin. Contains no fillers, alcohol or artificial ingredients.

McCREA’S CLASSIC VANILLA CARAMELS:  Pure and natural ingredients are infused with sweet, aromatic vanilla to create the ultimate chewy confection for the caramel purist.  Nine individually wrapped pieces mean plenty for sharing.

OAK AND ASHLAND COCONUT ROSE LIP CONDITIONER: Packed into this purse-size tin is a lightweight and deeply moisturizing balm that protects, smooths and softens lips with absolutely no artificial ingredients or fillers. Organic virgin coconut oil and Bulgarian rose absolute impart a luxurious feel and scent.

MAPLE COCONUT: From a small factory in northern California comes this irresistible confection crafted from organic Belizian cacao, organic cane sugar, coconut, maple syrup and sea salt. A delightfully different sweet that pairs nicely with coffee or a glass of bubbly.