The Art of the Bath


Our modern take on the Japanese art of the bath turns an at-home spa day into an opulent ritual. We based this extraordinary collection on the Far East’s centuries-old reliance on plant charcoal for healing and purification. Turning to modern and traditional purveyors of organic health and beauty lines, we chose a rich array of scents, textures and treatments to add an addictively exotic twist to the home-spa experience.


What's Inside?


BAMBOO CHARCOAL CLEANSING BAR: Charcoal resulting from high-temperature burning of bamboo plants does wonders for skin with its absorbent, deep cleansing and detoxifying properties. Blended with essential oils and other natural ingredient into a long-lasting, lathering bar, bamboo charcoal is a popular choice for those with oily or blemish-prone skin.

MILK & HONEY JAR CANDLE: Stress won’t stand a chance in a room is perfumed with the clean, sweet scent of this long-lasting candle derived from 100% renewable resources. Handmade in small batches and presented in a simple, elegant glass jar.

BINCHOTAN CHARCOAL STICKS: For centuries white charcoal has been revered in the Far East for its purifying ability and Kishu Binchotan charcoal is considered the finest, densest and purest form of it. Sticks of ubame oak from the hills of Japan’s Kishu Province are fired in ancient kilns at high temperatures by artisans using 300-year-old techniques. Added to a pitcher of water, the sticks remove impurities while softening and improving the taste. Depleted sticks can be used as a garden-soil supplement. Bag holds a generous supply of sticks up to 6” long x 1” in diameter.

BINCHOTAN CHARCOAL BODY SCRUB TOWEL: Ultra-fine white charcoal blended into the fibers of this cotton-blend towel revitalizes skin by naturally drawing out impurities and leaving a healthy glow. Machine washable and measuring a substantial 9” x 40”, the towel has two surfaces: a soft portion for sensitive areas and a coarser one for gentle exfoliation. Made in the Kishu province of Wakayama, Japan.

BINCHOTAN CHARCOAL FACE SCRUB TOWEL: At 7” x 8.5”, this smaller version of the Binchotan Body Scrub Towel is ideal for facial cleaning and tucking in a gym or travel bag for showering on the go. One side is lightly textured for a soft message, the other a firm texture for non-abrasive exfoliation.

ROSE HIBISCUS HYDRATING FACE MIST: Organic coconut water infused with hibiscus petals and Bulgarian rose delivers a refreshing mist that tones, hydrates and softens all skin types. Created from pure plant actives with no fillers. A welcome pick-me-up mid-day or for those office-to-dinner evenings.

COCONUT MILK BATH SOAK: Deeply hydrating coconut milk and three other natural ingredients form this skin-softening soak. Leaves skin hydrated, silky soft and lightly scented with aromas of coconut and vanilla. 8-ounce jar holds enough soak for several indulgent baths.

DICK TAYLOR MAPLE COCONUT: From a small factory in Northern California comes this irresistible confection crafted of organic Belizian cacao, organic cane sugar, coconut, maple syrup and sea salt. That’s it. Sweet but with a subtle nuance that elevates it from candy to a confection, Maple Coconut morsels pair nicely with coffee or sparkling wine.