High fives to those imaginative folks whose idea of “getting away from it all” involves bubble baths in the backyard spa and dessert in lieu of dinner. Whether an at-home getaway is the vacation of choice or finances rule out Cannes, show adventurous families you love their spirit with our new Staycation collection. We’ve included little luxuries to put everyone in a vacation frame of mind and even help out with that whole dessert-not-dinner idea. The only thing missing is outrageous bills for spa services and fancy drinks.


What's Inside?


RIVIERA COTTON TOWEL: Spa towel, sarong, table cover and throw are just a few of the uses we’ve found for this lightweight and well-made towel. A small group of talented Ethiopian artisans hand spin and weave locally sourced cotton into these versatile accessories. The rich colors come from dyes devoid of harmful chemicals and they remain true through repeated machine washings and dryings.

MCCREA’S CLASSIC CARAMELS: Handcrafted candies are slow-cooked in small batches by candy makers using pure and natural ingredients to please true caramel purists. Nine plump caramels come individually wrapped, just like in the good old days.

SCORE FROM THE END CREDITS NO. 56 POETIC LICENSE CANDLE: From persimmon to cut greens and black orchid to mahogany, a bouquet of botanical essences was used in this long- burning soy-wax candle. The lush and mysterious yet clean aroma is an instant mood-setter yet never overpowers. Candle is presented in a contemporary glass vessel that blends with any décor.

GARDENIA & JASMINE BAR SOAP: This generous and long-lasting French-milled bar is infused with dried organic jasmine flowers for a fresh and delicate aroma. It’s a gentle yet effective choice for bath or hand washing.

HERBIVORE DETOX BATH SALTS: Therapeutic soaking salts are made from mineral-rich Dead Sea salts and detoxifying Cambrian blue clay for a spa-like experience. Eucalyptus and lavender essential oils impart a relaxing scent. Only 100% natural ingredients and the finest extraction methods were used in the making of these salts. Elegantly packaged in an 8-oz. glass jar.

MAPLE COCONUT: From a small factory in northern California comes this irresistible confection crafted from organic Belizian cacao, organic cane sugar, coconut, maple syrup and sea salt. A delightfully different sweet that pairs nicely with coffee or a glass of bubbly.