Mr. Nice Guy


We’ve raised them, loved them, taught and learned from them, but choosing the perfect gift for men remains one of life’s great mysteries. At Wish & Pink we love a challenge so are particularly pleased with our new expressly-for-men collection. As always, we sought gifts full of natural goodness and made by small companies with a passion for doing things well. And, because presentation is half the fun, we packed everything up in a rustic wood box handcrafted in the Northwest. Whether the recipient is a loved one, friend or business associate, you’ll rest easy knowing he’ll be impressed with your superb taste and thoughtfulness.

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What's Inside?


STORYVILLE COFFEE: We love the motto of this Seattle-based purveyor of exceptional craft coffee: Keep it simple and make it great. That sums up their signature blend that’s roasted for full body and low acidity. Plus, we all can feel good knowing Storyville uses its resources to help end human trafficking. 8 ounces of beans come packed in a resealable pouch for maximum freshness.

SALAMANCA MUG: Working with a small pottery maker outside Barcelona who turns local clay into works of art, the creative minds behind this pottery created a handsome and generously sized mug with a handle perfectly sized and shaped for a man’s hand. The subtle striping in off- white and light-absorbing black is finished with a rich matte glaze that calls to mind the famous sandstone buildings of Salamanca, Spain.

BAMBOO CHARCOAL SOAP: Used for centuries in China, bamboo charcoal is formed from bamboo plants burned in ovens at temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees F. In soap form, it deeply cleanses, gently exfoliates and detoxifies skin, drawing impurities and toxins from pores with its powerful absorption properties. Long-lasting bar is especially well suited for oily, combination and blemish-prone skin.

LEATHER KEY FOB: Working in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, one of the oldest continuously operating public markets in the country, artisans at Marakesh Leather craft these classic fobs from premium, full-grain, American leather and quality fittings. The favored key ring of minimalists and those who prefer to carry as little bulk as possible in their jacket pocket.

McCREA’S CLASSIC CARAMELS: What’s not to love about handcrafted caramels made of pure, natural ingredients in a family-run factory dedicated to that time-honored confection? Cane sugar, fresh local butter and milk, salt, molasses and natural flavorings are slow cooked to form the dense, chewy candy beloved by generations of caramel purists. A generous helping of candies individually wrapped in waxed paper like they’ve always been means plenty for sharing.