Morning Glory


The aroma of homemade biscuits fresh from the oven is all the proof we need that the sense of smell is the sense most closely linked to memory. We tapped our own memory of deliberate, delightful rituals to create this gourmet collection for those who value life’s simple pleasures and the memories they spark. Every gift was selected for its beauty, goodness and usefulness. A lovely choice for Mother’s Day or any celebration of family, friends and the stories they write on our hearts.


What's Inside?


CALLIE’S BUTTERMILK BISCUIT MIX: Even scratch bakers swear by this shortcut to the best-ever homemade biscuits. Combine butter, cream cheese and buttermilk with this pride-of-Charleston, S.C. mix and 20 minutes later, TA-DAH: A dozen tender and buttery biscuits for slicing open and layering with country ham, slathering with honey or just eating out of hand.

SHELL BISQUE GREY MUGS: Somehow, coffee and tea simply taste better sipped from handmade porcelain mugs. Soft, translucent glazes are applied by hand, leading to natural hues unique to every piece. The unglazed bisque exterior has a pleasingly grainy texture reminiscent of an egg shell. Hardy enough for everyday yet befitting a special occasion. Set of 2.

HELLO! BRIGHT: Par Avion Tea has created a remarkable skin-brightening tea for equalizing skin tone and creating a healthy glow. Papaya and pineapple dissolve dry skin while prompting skin renewal and cell turnover. Fruit enzymes also add anti-inflammatory and exfoliating properties. The loose-leaf drink mix contains organic teas, ginger, marigold, star anise and other natural ingredients.

LINEN/COTTON KITCHEN TOWEL: Our oversized towel in sunny colors is a cook’s best friend. Soft, absorbent and lint-free, it’s indispensable for polishing glassware, drying damp salad greens and lining serving baskets. There’s even a handy tab for easy hanging.

MONTEREY GOLD WILDFLOWER HONEY: After the 2016 vintage won two major California competitions, we scooped up a limited number of bottles of this rich, velvety honey before they sold out. With it’s warm golden hue and sublime sweetness, Monterey Gold pairs perfectly with toast and fruit in the morning and come cocktail hour, nutty cheeses and red wine.

STONEWARE CREAMER: A study in elegant simplicity, this petite pitcher is hand-finished by third-generation artisans who fire their stoneware in environmentally friendly gas-powered kilns rather than coal-fueled ones. Each piece has subtle form differences, making every one a unique piece of art. Perfect for serving cream, salad dressing or sauces.