Hailey Bridesmaid



We may never be able to fully express what our girlfriends mean to us, but here is a beautiful start. The Hailey collection of petit luxes for the body, face and soul turns a daily toilette into a spa experience for women of any age. Minimalists and those who revel in what’s new on the beauty scene will love the gentle formulations infused with clean aromatics and presented in stunning packaging. And, because inner beauty counts, too, we’ve included a generous helping of decadent chocolate to top off a perfect day. A perfect gift for a bridesmaid, to celebrate a birthday, just because or celebration of love.


What's Inside?

Nestled in raffia and tucked into a light-pink gift box with a hand-drawn letterpress card are:

WILD LILAC PETITE BIJOU CANDLE: One smell and you’ll be standing in a beautiful spring meadow. A bouquet of young lilac blossoms and rich oriental lilies are paired with a touch sweet rosewater. Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh flowers? Perfect anywhere in the home.

FORMULARY 55 ORGANIC OATMEAL FACIAL SCRUB: Gentle but effective scrub is handmade from ground oats, orange peel and powdered walnuts. Two generous ounces are contained in a gold-leaf envelope with an original illustration of botanicals.

BEET ROOT & HIBISCUS LIP STAIN: All-natural lip stain by Aster & Bay offers a hint of rich color from beet root, hibiscus flowers, alkanet root and elderberries. Organic coconut oil, shea butter and pomegranate extract provide moisturizing and softening properties while clementine and blood orange essential oils lend a citrusy scent.  100% vegan.

WISH SHEA BUTTER SOAP:  From its ambrosial fragrance of vanilla bean, jasmine leaves and ylang ylang to the French-inspired foulard packaging, this long-lasting, triple-milled soap is a treat for the senses.  An indulgent personal bath bar or chic addition to a powder room.

WISH SEA SALT SACHET:  Sea salts infused with warm vanilla bean, sugared pastille, jasmine leaves and amber woods gently perfume a closet, linen storage or other small space. Sachet is held in a lovely fabric pouch with a French bee motif.

SUGARFINA CHOCOLATE PEARLS:  Master chocolatiers enrobed these exquisite milk-chocolate “pearls” in pearlized white candy shells for melt-in-your-mouth creaminess and a satisfying crunch. An over-the-top treat with champagne, espresso or on their own.