Good for the Soul

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How quickly the busyness of life bogs us down but how easily stress will melt away with culinary treats and accoutrements to refresh the body and soul. We’ve assembled everything one needs to enjoy afternoon tea in blessed solitude or with a few dear friends. And, when the last of the tea and confections are enjoyed and good-bye hugs are exchanged, we made sure there will be lasting gifts to kindle fond memories of your thoughtful gift.

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What's Inside?


LA VIENNE BLUE MUG: Every bit as useful as it is beautiful, this collectible mug of fine china is made in Portugal at a factory renown for time-honored techniques and materials used in Limoges, France. High-fired porcelain in a classic shape features a rich yet subtle color and restrained metallic accents for the perfect balance of of elegance and simplicity.

PORCELAIN-AND-METALLIC VOTIVE: For occasions when candlelight is preferable to fireworks, Dauville Collection’s handmade porcelain votive is a lovely option. The textured bisque finish is accented with purposefully irregular metallic glazing, reflecting its artisan influence. When the candle expires, pop in another or reuse the vessel for candies or cotton swabs.

MONTEREY GOLD WILDFLOWER HONEY: There’s honey and then there’s Monterey’s 2016 vintage triumph that bested the competition in two major California competitions. We were fortunate enough to scoop up a limited number of 8-ounce bottles of this rich and velvety honey distinguished by a warm golden hue. Sublime in tea or on morning granola.

WHITE PEONY TEA: A full-bodied yet delicate tea with a floral aroma and oh-so-subtle sweetness, this is one of China’s most famous white teas. Grown along the coast of China’s Fujian province, this beautiful tea is made up of the young tea bud, still covered in silvery down, and the next two leaves on the stem. The result is loose-leaf tea that’s delightful refreshment any time of day.

MESH TEA BALL: Traditional metal tea ball with fine-gauge mesh infuser allows tea leaves to fully steep for a perfect cuppa. Useful, too, as a mini strainer or bouquet garni infuser in soups.

MCCREA’S CLASSIC CARAMELS: Dense, creamy confections made the old-fashioned way with natural and locally sourced ingredients are as good as generations of caramel purists remember. From removing the traditional waxed-paper wrapping to that first glorious chew,, this is a taste of the good old days at their best.