Gift-giving for the big moments in life like birthdays and promotions is a given for most of us. But celebrating everyday graces such as a neighbor who picks up your children at school when a work meeting runs long or a stylist who gives you the perfect makeover, are gifting opportunities so unexpected they’re twice the fun to seize. From a festive champagne toast to a sensuous bathing experience our Celebration collection makes a big deal out of the small blessings that form the fabric of our everyday lives.


What's Inside?


FRESH FLORAL BOUQUET: A brilliant and bountiful bouquet of fresh flowers is a guaranteed day brightener. Designers select the best of the market’s seasonal blooms to create a naturally elegant arrangement to grace the dinner table or tuck in pretty bud vases scattered throughout the house.  Fresh florals available in the local Seattle area only.  Dried floral arrangements for gifts which are shipped.

VEUVE CLICQUOT BRUT: The well known “yellow label” of this notable French champagne promises a wine with excellent depth, medium body and the flavor of ripe fruit and cream. The absolutely right choice for serving with either salmon or white fish and a natural for a celebratory toast.

HAND-POURED WAX CANDLE: Pure soy wax with a clean, fresh scent literally clears the air and ushers in a relaxing atmosphere indoors or out. Made in small batches in California, the candle wax is hand-poured into a simple and elegant container that can be repurposed into a desk or vanity cachepot.

BERGAMOT + VETIVER SELS DE MAIN: Naturally restorative salts and oils infused with essences of tangy orange and earthy vetiver deliver a bathing experience like no other. Mediterranean
Sea salts containing trace minerals detoxify skin while improving circulation. Natural Epsom salts soothe tired muscles while enhancing sleep and mood. Several generous scoops are contained in an elegant and reusable glass apothecary jar.

WHITE PEONY TEA: Delicate and subtly sweet, this delightful tea is a refreshing restorative any time of day. Grown along the coast of China’s Fulian province, it’s created from unopened tea buds and the two newest leaves to sprout. The nuanced flavor results from natural oxidation that occurs as the buds and leaves wither. Packaged in loose-leaf form for maximum freshness.

MCCREA’S CLASSIC CARAMELS: Take two caramel-loving scientists as passionate about the “how” of candy making as they are about the results, and you have the key to the popularity of these old-fashioned sweets. Made of locally sourced and natural ingredients in a family-owned factory, each dense, chewy confection is individually wrapped in waxed paper so purists can perform the traditional “reveal” before enjoying the ultimate caramel goodness.