The Gift of Weddings

We see weddings as a gift. It’s a gift to be able to give and share with a two people celebrating their special day. We also happen to be the people who will create tangible gifts for weddings!

We were so honored to be asked by Sinclair & Moore to create welcome boxes for a beautiful wedding at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel this past weekend. The gifts were to be placed in the hotel rooms for all fifty-five guests from out of town. The bride had beautiful colors including a romantic forest green. The forest green went perfectly with her request to have the welcome boxes Pacific Northwest-themed!

We spent some time pondering what would best represent the elegance of the wedding and beauty of the Seattle area. We wanted the boxes to a fun treat for the guests to snack on when they returned from the wedding late at night, but we also wanted the guests to have something personal to take home to remember the special day by.

You can’t think about the Evergreen State without thinking about coffee. Middle Fork Roasters provides freshly roasted beans in custom labels, so we went with a beautiful label of the Seattle skyline from and added the Bride and Groom’s name to create a special gift to remember the coffee-obsessed city!

The box was filled with other Seattle snacks to enjoy throughout the weekend. We selected some of the local favorites: Fran’s Chocolates, Popcorn from KuKuRuZa, Granola from Marge, and fresh apples to celebrate our state’s fruit! It rains a lot, so we figured we’d add some water…just kidding! Water is a necessity, but the custom forest green labels from La Happy made the beverage into a beautiful and personalized touch of elegance for the box! To tie it all together, we added one of our favorite details… GlassyBaby! If you follow us regularly, you know we add GlassyBaby to nearly every box, but their small votive added the perfect final touch!

The Bride and Groom added a personal Welcome to Seattle card and we tied the boxes with a beautiful ribbon and a card that read,”benvenuto!” to welcome their guests in Italian! These boxes were so fun to create and such an honor to present. Contact us if you want to create something special to welcome, or thank, your wedding guests! Special thanks to Steve at Sinclair and Moore for allowing us to be apart of this event and to Alanna Maria Photography for always capturing photos of our boxes that display the details and brand of Wish and Pink!

Cheers to love and the gifts of weddings… and wedding gifts! 



A New Wish & Pink!

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Hello and welcome to my brand new re-designed website!

I truly appreciate you for following along with me on this wonderful journey of creating and presenting beautiful gifts.  I believe that giving gifts, the presentation-if done right can be just as impactful as the gift itself.  Giving and receiving gifts brings joy, shares love and in many ways, shows you care.  One of my favorite quotes is by the compassionate Mother Teresa: “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

The inspiration behind many of my boxes is romance and femininity and it is my desire for our gifts to make both the giver and receiver feel appreciated, loved and indulged.

I have learned that starting a business on your own really takes a village and I have been blessed with the support of clients and industry professionals who believe in my product and my passion for gift giving.

Steve and Jamie Moore of Sinclair and Moore have come on board to help with marketing, product styling, inspiration, and pretty much everything else I might be in need of.  They have been by my side every step of the way as we prepared for this new launch. I am in awe of their talent, work ethic and their sincerity.

I owe my incredible new website to Chris and Sally Balt of la Happy Design. Their eye for detail is exceptional and I could not be more thrilled with the final design.  In addition to web design, Sally has also blessed our brand with her beautiful letterpress calligraphy cards with inspirational quotes.

I have the talented Matthew Land to thank for all of the beautiful photography. His photos are exceptional and do an amazing job of capturing the beauty of our gift box and the lovely gifts inside. You will have the pleasure of seeing much more of his work coming to the website soon with the addition of new theme gifts!

These amazing people have all become partners, collaborators and dear friends.